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Diana Gameros
Enjambre @ LACMA
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Corona del Mar California
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Las Krudas Cubensi
La Santa Cecilia
Armando Quiroz
Jose Lozano
Mike Sandoval
Voces Cantando
SolArt Radio Recording
Yellow Red Sparks
Photo Session Enjambre LBE
Torreblanca show Mac Arthur Park
Sonido Landon
The Finger Dancers
La Banda Elastica





“My experience with Sali at SolArt has been like when you make great friendships: full of clarity and joy. I am thankfull to have cross paths with her"

David Aguilar




"It's hard to find the right words to describe the experience of working with SolArt , it is more than you can imagine. Few times have I met people so passionate and commited like Sali Heraldez and Carla Zarate that are capable of moving mountains and transform an idea into reality. I am very gratefull to be able to walk by their side. From the bottom of my heart, thank you SolArt !"

Edith Crash



“SolArt is a friendly place that has always opened up its doors to let our band in, hence, through its windows project our music out and loud !

Rafa Navejas - Enjambre



“SolArt is continuously introducing art and music on the cutting edge of the world to their local hometown of Santa Ana and beyond. They open their hearts and home not only to musicians from around the world, but also locals in way that makes you feel like you simply belong and are appreciated. They are friends, family, activist, community leaders, organizers, curators, philanthropists, artists, photographers, designers, videographers, managers, genies, and….amazingly beautiful people."

Gloria Estrada - Viento Callejero/The Finger Dancers/Mariachi Manchester




“I had the great fortune of working with Solart in my Metro Expo commission for the La Brea station. They were so helpful and knowledgable. They helped me meet the deadlines and made my artwork look awesome! Very supportive and professional! Thank you Solart!"

Jose Lozano



“My artistic life in Los Angeles it's divided in two, before and after meeting SolArt. Sali and Carla work with absolute passion and attitude to achieve almost the impossible, gicing the artists absolute comfort and satisfaction to meet the goals planned. Nowdays SolArt has become a mentor and a bridge to meet other artists. SolArt is an image, music, sound and art provider that I couldn't  do without."

Florencia P Marano



"I studied music and arts to connect profoundly with people, travel the world, understand the paths that cross between us and make our lives happy and share it. Collaborating with SolArt showed me that all this is possible and just the beginning . Being in solidarity with the arts and everything that goes with it has never made more sense in my life."

Mike Sandoval



“As a musician, artist and human being, one of the things I seek is to share the art, experiences in my life and the healing magic of human creativity  with others in the most honest and direct way possible. It is hard to loose direction in the world when you forget what's important. Working with SolArt has been one of the most regenerating experiences of faith and it always reminds me of the possibility of meeting people in the same search, people that give their hearts out to share the arts."

Natalie Reyes - Tigria


“Well, I’m partly writing this on behalf of my band, Torreblanca (Mexico City) but I am mostly writing it out of my own heart. And I have to say that meeting Sali and Carla and getting to know (closely) their efforts and endeavours as SolArt (Radio, Booking, I didn´t get the pleasure of hanging at the Gallery Café, but I have been blessed by their supports in TourManaging, MagicHappeningMaking, BoomerangThrowing, GroupTherapyGiving, InspirationGaloreProviding, HousingFeedingLoving and reminding everyone who comes in touch with them what an effing BEAUTIFUL word Solidarity is… sadly, for Mexicans such as myself, that word was violently prostituted by the Salinato) has been a most extraordinary thing for me. Generosity is something that music has made me come upon a couple times in my life, but it’s hard to place people on Sali and Carla’s extreme level of it. There’s a sort of Utopia in my head about what making music and working around music for the love of it should be like. But it’s not entirely a utopic landscape because that place exists, it’s in Santa Ana California, it’s the SolArt HQ and I am a very lucky guy to have been part of their crazy cool adventures. We’ve had so much fun. We’ve played unexpectedly to packed venues in cities we didn’t even know existed before (when the Hoppo guys invited us to open for them) and we managed to win the crowd over. I could say many more things but to keep this short, all I need to say is: I love you always SolArt, I miss you and I thank you, thank you, thank you for everything! Long live SolArt.

Juan Manuel Torreblanca - Torreblanca



“I am always asked for my favorite city in the US, without a doubt I respond L.A. and justify it saying that is a city full of magic. Now that I think of it, a big part of it is because of the magic of SolArt. Their generosity is incredible and how everybody wants to be around them. Santa Ana is a place where my mind always goes to be in a "happy place"."

Ulises Hadjis











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