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We are dedicated to produce cultural events .

Over 16 years of experience organizing art exhibits and music performances bringing local and international art together.


About us

SolArt Gallery Café was founded in 2004 by Sali Heraldez following her lifelong dream to see her favorite things in life come together under one roof: art, music, and community.  Since its inception, the gallery hosted the works of over 50 local artists and along with the sounds 500 local bands.  The gallery’s original location at 2202 N. Main St. and its exhibits were reviewed by all major local newspapers.  Sunset Magazine described it as “an art gallery like no other.”  It distinguished itself from other galleries through its adamant support of grassroots community creativity and activism.  It has hosted music festivals, conferences, creative writing workshops, poetry readings, theater workshops, and even a week-long art and activism camp.


The space was available for progressive causes that have ranged from organic farming, anti-militarization of public schools, and supporting indigenous communities in Southern Mexico. 

The gallery moved to another location ( 511 Santa Ana Blvd.)  in Santa Ana for a year and then closed to continue organizing artistic events thru different venues and organizations.


It was decided to create a podcast - SolArt Radio - and keep our  goal which is to Promote Solidarity through ALL the Arts.  SolArt believes that art and politics are not mutually exclusive and that they are most successful when they are brought together. We believe in the links between artists and community.


Many friends haved helped along the way. Some of them are: Adriana Alba, Lilia Lamas, Maricela Jauregui, Arturo Marmolejo, Olvein Lopez, Josefina Cortez and many more.

We are thankful for your support!

SolArt's staff is composed by :

Sali Heráldez, Creative Director and Founder

Sali works for the County of Orange and began SolArt Gallery in her apartment’s living room .  Sali studied Latin American Literature and Liberal Arts. She is the mastermind behind all SolArt Adventures that include music shows, art exhibits, public art, video, film and activism.


She is the Executive Director/Genie of her managing project called


Recently, she was Stage Manager for the Carlsbad Music Festival 2017 and 2018.


Carla Zárate-Suárez, Media & Design

Carla is a graphic journalist and multimedia artist from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.  She worked as producer, graphic journalist and editor for  Al Instante News for Mexicali’s  Canal 12: “La Imagen del Conocimiento”  (Universidad Autonoma de Baja California) and taught media classes at the same university. She travels with her camera  documenting music and social issues through her blog.Before becoming a member of SolArt she studied acting at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa and the Cornerstone Theatre Institute in Los Angeles.

She is in charge of SolArt's Media and Design for non profits and independent artists.

Recently she colaborated with ilustrations and video for the book and exhibit "SantAna Fairytales" written by Sarah Rafael García

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