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Great news about friends La Santa Cecilia been nominated for Grammys, very happy for the past tour of Torreblanca and Andrea Balency trio here in California and excited for our next trip to Mexico city's Corona Music Festival. As always great music, info and upcoming events . Listen and spread the word!




Ah! Torreblanca and Andrea Balency Trio are almost here (California) - San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Ana. Exclusive live music recordings of these 2 great bands from our last visit to Mexico city and as always a great playlist. Also, how to to support chicano artist Magu Lujan legacy and more local info (Noche de Altares documentary at Calacas very soon !!!) .

Listen and spread the word!




After weeks of absence following Las Krudas Cubensi visit to SolArt Radio, we present episode 47. Lots of events this summer, including a California Tour of Torreblanca and Andrea Balency Trio presented by SolArt Radio very soon. Also, shout outs to Vivian's new baby! and news about Centro Cultural de Mexico. As always a playlist that you'll enjoy that includes the new single Lobo from Torreblanca, Ximena Sarinana, Ra Ra Riot, Lex Land new single Oh My and more . Listen and spread the word!


Las Krudas Cubensi in the house! Cuban Hip Hop on this SolArt Radio episode with a great playlist and live recording of this incredible duo. Performing this may 20th in Santa Ana and very soon in Los Angeles.  Check our calendar. Listen and spread the word!



Sali Heraldez and Gabriel San Roman share the mics on this episode before SolArt radio heads out to Vive Latino 2011. An exclusive interview with Ximena Sariñana and music from Mexicali"s band "Ella tiene dos androides", plus a great playlist. Listen and spread the word!!




Armadillos, mexican beer and a great acoustic session with Yellow Red Sparks. A sneak peek of our upcoming LIVE show in Santa Ana on March 4th.

Also, the latest song by Fernanda Ulibarri and more great music.

Listen and spread the word!



On this episode 43 of SolArt Radio: Special interview with the authors of the Rubber Stamp Process, a report by Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development. Also, great music. Listen and spread the word!



Episode 42 with exclusive interviews with Madame Recamier, Pambo and Gustavo Galindo as wellas acoustic sessions for SolArt Radio. Listen and spread the word!



Enjambre is in the house! Listen to an exclusive interview and some of their newest songs. Part of our playlist also: La Santa Cecilia, La banderville, Pambo, Madame Recamier, Yellow Red Sparks and Los Romanticos de Zacatecas.  Also, all the details for our upcoming event in Santa Ana this January 22nd.
Listen and spread the word



The year is over, thanks for your support. Check out this 40th edition where we bring our favorite tracks of the year and some future events. Gabriel San Roman - one of our producers - pays a visit with a very mixed selection of songs. Listen and spread the word!



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