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Episode 60 Abuelo Zavala (Torreblanca)  guest DJ this episode with excellent music.



Esteman, Pedro Piedra, Carla Bruni, Yellow Red Sparks, Bjork among others. Special announcement: bringing Torreblanca to California and other good news. Listen and spread the word! 




This episode we play some new songs from Irene Diaz, La Santa Cecilia, Maria del Pilar, Dom La Nena and some not so new ones like The Smiths and Nina Simone. Enjoy, listen and spread the word! Promoting Solidarity through ALL the Arts.




New songs by Cafe Tacuva, Camila Moreno, Las Cafeteras and Mariel Mariel. Also Yellow Red Sparks from their excelent new album, great news for La Santa Cecilia, international shout outs and cumbia colombiana. Enjoy, listen and spread the word! Promoting Solidarity through ALL the Arts


Rafa Navejas from Enjambre guests dj for this Bonus Episode ending the year 2012. A relaxed conversation about the songs he likes and the experience of playing with the band at the most prestigiuos music venue in Latin America - the Auditorio Nacional - with a sold out crowd of ten thousand people! So glad for their success. Playlist include a very "tocho morocho" eclectic mix of music from local bands from Orange County to Willie Nelson. Enjoy, listen and spread the word! promoting Solidarity thorough ALL the arts.



Recorded at the Orange County Center of Contemporary Arts where SolArt along with La Banda Elastica present for the last week the exhibit "Siempre es Hoy" a photo exhibit of musical proportions. The playlist includes new material from Gepe, Carla Morrison, Sonido Landon, vinyl block from our growing selection and Ku de ta records . Also new material by Cafe Tacuva, Los Romanticos de Zacatecas and Enjambre. Listen and spread the word



We have special guest DJ directly from Mexico City - Miguel Sandoval (musician and bass player  of Carla Morrison’s band) .

Also a live music performance by Irene Diaz.

Listen and Spread the word!



NEW MUSIC by Enjambre, Los Romanticos de Zacatecas and Yellow Red Sparks, also Curanderos, Gepe, Andrea Balency (Gepe Cover) and interview + Music with local band Familiar Haunts ! A week before mexican presidential elections, if your mexican, remember to vote this July 1st 2012, and do it wisely. We are also #132. Listen and Spread the word!



On this episode we have some announcements about Enjambre and Gepe Solart Radio shows in July here in Los Angeles. Also information about this weekend's music Fesival Make Music Pasadena. Our 2nd part of the show is dedicated to Mexico's movement # I am 132 (#yo soy 132) and the upcoming presidential elections for that country. All the best to our friends and family there. Remember to listen and spread the word..



Back from Austin for the SXSW Music Festival 2012 with great music to play, ann new bands to showcase. Live recordings in colaboration with La Banda Elastica's sesiones minimas as well as live performances by Natalia Lafourcade, Andrea Balency, Mr Bleat, La Vida Boheme, Kali Mutsa, Bigott, Francisca Valenzuela y  Monsieur Perine. Thanks for listening and spread the word.



Is this SolArt Radio 51 just full of conundrums or new projects along with new music? Stay tuned and listen as we play music from Andrea Balency Trio's new EP "LOVER" , introduce two new projects: The Finger Dancers (Jazz/blues (LA) & Lucas Trotacielos (Mx City)! Listen and spread the word!



5 0 , that’s right!!

16 original live recordings at SolArt Radio for your enjoyment.

Local and International artists that have visited us and shared their music. Listen and spread the word!


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